Small Maitreya Buddha With Golden Nugget Figurine Buddhism Statue

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Maitreya (Sanskrit), Metteyya (Pali), Maitri (Sinhalese), Jampa (Wylie: byams pa) or Di-lc (Vietnamese), is regarded as a future Buddha of this world in Buddhist eschatology. In some Buddhist literature, such as the Amitabha Sutra and the Lotus Sutra, he is referred to as Ajita. According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor to the present Buddha, Gautama Buddha (also known as kyamuni Buddha).Features:* Measures approximately 3" in height* Made of designer composite resin* Hand painted and polished individually

  • This figurine is made of polyresin, hand painted and polished.
  • Measures 3"H each approximately.